Campaign Digital Newsletter: Week 10

Dear Friends,

I hope you're all enjoying what seems to be the very beginning of the fall weather. Thanks to those of you who volunteered to host a yard sign after last week's email. I also have window signs, so let me know if you want one. It's a busy week coming up with a packed council agenda and several campaign events.

Call to Action:

We're now less than two months from the election. We've made great progress so far and established a solid campaign from scratch, largely through the volunteer efforts of many people. If you care about the issues for which I'm advocating and you have not yet done something to help the campaign, I would like to invite you to take one of the following actions this week:

1) Talk to a friend or neighbor and invite them to join my mailing list. Growing this email list is essential to keeping people informed about the important issues of this election. My email list is already far larger than the margin of victory of many past elections. The larger the list, the bigger the impact on the election. Your friend/neighbor can sign up on the website, or you can email me their contact information and I'll add them.

2) Make a donation to the campaign. We are running an efficient campaign on a shoestring budget. I have no paid staff, just a team of volunteers. All money I raise is spent on "hard costs": web hosting fees, flyers, graphic design, yard signs, banners, mailings, and, unfortunately, bank fees. I have raised approximately $2,200 so far and have about $600 left. Your additional donation will go a long way.

ABC Overlay PAC Candidate Forum

The political action committee pushing the AHO Overlay, ABC A Better Cambridge, is having their candidate forum Wednesday, 9/11, at the Cambridge Public Library (449 Broadway), at 6:00. You can see the candidate responses to the ABC questionnaire here:


Candidates in favor of the AHO Overlay:

  • Burhan Azeem

  • Alanna Mallon*

  • Marc McGovern*

  • Risa Mednick

  • Gregg Moree

  • Adriane Musgrave*

  • Sumbul Siddiqui*

  • Denise Simmons*

  • Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler

  • Timothy Toomey*

  • Quinton Zondervan

Candidates opposed to the AHO Overlay:

  • Charles Franklin

  • Craig Kelley*

  • Derek Kopon

  • Jeffery McNary

  • Patty Nolan

  • Ben Simon

  • Nicola Williams


*-denotes candidates who are taking developer and/or construction union money according to information compiled at CCJ

Mass Voters for Animals Endorsement:

Mass Voters for animals helps elect lawmakers who will pass humane laws and advocate for animal rights.

Mass Voters for animals helps elect lawmakers who will pass humane laws and advocate for animal rights.


I am pleased to announce that I have been endorsed by Massachusetts Voters for Animals. They may have appreciated my story of spending half a day several years ago caring for a baby bird that had fallen from its nest, keeping it warm, and taking it to an animal shelter. At the time, my brother suggested that I chew some liver and milk and then spit it into the baby bird's mouth, as its mother would have done. I didn't try it, so I don't know if it would have been well received. Next time.

David Maher and Leggat McCall:

The relationship between former city officials and development was on display this week in a letter to the editor written by former City Councilor David Maher:

I wrote the following reply in the comment section:

The reader will note that the author, Mr. Maher, is a former city councilor who was involved in discussions of the Courthouse redevelopment plan. During his time in office, Mr. Maher received campaign donations from Leggat McCall executives in 2011, 2013, and 2016. He is currently employed by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, which claims potential courthouse developer, Leggat McCall, among its dues paying members. The Chamber has a stated goal of "developing and advancing public policy and government/community activities in support of the membership." Under state statute, former municipal officials are permanently barred from receiving "compensation, directly or indirectly from anyone other than the same city or town in connection with any particular matter in which the city or town is a party...and in which he participated as a municipal employee while so employed."

Digital Equity and Municipal Broadband:

This afternoon at 4:30 I will be one of many speakers at a rally in front of City Hall advocating for the city to move forward with the recommendations of the Broadband Task Force in favor of municipal broadband. If properly executed, such a network would provide faster service at lower prices for all residents of Cambridge, in addition to protecting privacy and net neutrality.

City Council Meeting 9/9:

Tonight's City Council meeting promises to be quite an affair, with not just one, but several contentious issues on the agenda: the Affordable Housing Overlay, the First St. Garage Disposition, cannabis permitting, New St Storage Overlay Petition, etc. For details, see Council Devereux's comprehensive summary:

or see Robert Winters' breakdown:

Enjoy your week everyone,


Andrews Technology Group