Campaign Digital Newsletter: Week 12

Dear Friends,

I hope that you are all enjoying your Monday evening. Last week's email was pretty dense, so we'll keep this one brief. Thanks to those of you who sent in contributions over the last few weeks. At this point, we have enough money for yard signs, flyers, buttons, web hosting, etc., so I am going to start putting the money towards a city-wide mailing to be sent out closer to the election. Our yard signs should be here any day, Staples has been a bit slow with the delivery. Until then, please enjoy this picture of an awesome banner that we put on the fence of my campaign treasurer's house. If any of you live on a busy street and would prefer a big banner instead of a standard size yard sign, let me know. We can customize them however you like.

City Council Candidates Forum on Climate Change:

This Wednesday 9/25 the group Mothers Out Front is hosting a candidate's forum focused on climate change. If you decide to attend please come say hello, I have a number of people on this email list that I have not yet met in person. The event is at the Citywide Senior Center, 806 Mass Ave., starts at 7:00pm.


Ward 6 Candidates Forum, 9/17

The Ward 6 candidate forum was last Tuesday, 9/17. This was a more enjoyable and free-wheeling format than the earlier ABC Forum. There were several questions on the City Manager position and the Plan E Charter form of government, along with many other issues. It looks like the video has not been posted online yet, I'll send it around when it is.

Community Cooks

Not related to the campaign, but I'd like to use my bully pulpit to inform you about a local organization called Community Cooks that I joined several months ago. This is an organization that organizes home-prepared meals for food insecure populations. One of the great things about this group is that the monthly commitment is very flexible. It's a great way to do something even if you're a busy person with an uncertain schedule (like myself). I enjoy this activity because I rarely have the opportunity to cook for 10 people, so I get to break out my 15" cast iron skillet and try new recipes. This is a great group of people and if you're looking for a flexible way to do something for the community, I encourage you to look into this:


My friends and I have been canvassing a fair bit. If any of you would like to help by canvassing your neighborhoods, or would just like some flyers to share with your friends, let me know and I'll bring them by.

ABC Slate

The ABC Overlay PAC has formed their candidate slate. These candidates were primarily selected for their litmus-tested support for the AHO.

Enjoy your week everyone,


Andrews Technology Group