Campaign Digital Newsletter: Week 13

Hi Everyone,

Campaign headquarters has shifted into high gear. Six weeks left and the campaign events are coming one after the other. If I haven't brought by your yard sign yet, don't worry, you are still on my list. If you would like to help out with the campaign either by canvassing or hosting a gathering with your friends/neighbors, let me know. Thanks again to those of you who have sent in contributions. We have the goal of raising enough money for a city-wide mailing in a few weeks.

Ward 6 Candidate Forum

The video from the Ward 6 candidate forum has been posted. This was a free-wheeling discussion with an enjoyable format. A number of the developer-funded candidates (Mallon, Simmons, Toomey) have not been attending all of the candidate forums, while two other candidates left after the first few minutes to attend a school committee meeting. As a result, I was on a panel with only five candidates, which allowed more time to talk and have exchanges with other candidates. Discussion on the Sullivan courthouse begins around 35:00 and discussion on the AHO Overlay follows.

Some Candidates Voice Doubts

The Crimson has published an article about some of the candidates in the field who have expressed doubts about the AHO. Some of the other candidates in the article, John Pitkin, Patty Nolan, Jeffery McNary, and myself, are all good names to put somewhere on your ballot in November.

Our Democracy Crisis

My fellow candidate John Pitkin has published an Op-ed on the current state of our democracy in Cambridge:

Slates and Endorsements so Far

The Cambridge Civic Journal has compiled lists of some of the slates/endorsements of local groups. "Craig Kelley, Derek Kopon, and John Pitkin are among the most substantial candidates in the field and none are yet part of any of the organized slates." All of my completed questionnaires from these groups are on my website so that you can see where I agreed with the platforms of these groups, and where we did not agree (note: the CResA did not have a questionnaire, forum, or any formal endorsement process. I have not spoken to anyone from the CResA, so I assume they made their endorsements through some unclear internal process).

My completed questionnaires are here:

Upcoming Cambridge Citizens Coalition Candidate Forum

The newly formed Cambridge Citizens Coalition will be hosting a candidate forum a week from today on 10/6 from 5:00-7:00. The CCC is a citizens group that was formed in response to the AHO Overlay proposal and is in the process of expanding its platform and mission in order to become a permanent civic organization. More can be found here:

Lastly, I will leave you with some pictures of yard signs in their natural environment. If these pictures inspire jealousy, let me know, and you can have one. Have a good week everyone!



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