Campaign Digital Newsletter: Week 14

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Dear Friends,

I hope that everyone's week is off to a good start. With less than one month to the election, we are entering the home stretch.

Fundraising Goal

According to data compiled by Christopher Schmidt, of the 22 candidates running, I have the highest share of dollars coming from contributions less than $200 (75%). At the moment, we have roughly $1,700 either in the bank or checks on my dining room table waiting to be deposited. In the coming weeks, I would like to do a targeted direct mailing in order to reach more voters. This mailing will emphasize three of the main issues of our campaign: campaign finance reform; the need for environmentally sustainable development and solar power; and my opposition to the developer-sponsored AHO up-zoning proposal, along with better proposals to address our housing issues. In the mailing I may also include some version of the attached table showing the correlation between campaign funding and a Councilor's position on the AHO. Similar correlations are also found in the voting patterns on the Sullivan courthouse, campaign finance reform, and a host of other issues.

A direct mailing costs approximately $1 per person. There are approximately 200 people on this campaign email list. If each of you contributes $20, this will allow us to raise $4,000 and reach 4,000 voters. If you can contribute a bit more than that, then you will allow us to reach that many more people. I hope that you will join me in getting out this mailing, it will be one of the last big efforts of the campaign. If you have been waiting to make a donation, now is the time. If you send a contribution too close to the date of the election, I may not have time to spend it. You can make a donation on my website:

If you prefer, you can mail checks to:

The Committee to Elect Derek Kopon
c/o Derek Kopon
8 Wright St. #2
Cambridge, MA 02138

Thanks in advance!

Climate Action Coalition Forum

The video for the Climate Action Coalition Candidate Forum on 9/25 has been posted. Enjoy:

The Mayor's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Tenant Displacement

The only significant housing proposal before the Council during the last term was the AHO Overlay. With the tabling and expiration of the AHO, the Council has accomplished virtually nothing to help the Cambridge residents and renters being displaced by rapidly rising housing costs. On the campaign trail, you will hear incumbent candidates talking about the Mayor's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Tenant Displacement. During a Ordinance Committee meeting in August, one Councilor promised that the Task Force final report would be released in September. Another Councilor jokingly replied, "September...2019?" But indeed, September has come and gone with no final report from the task force. The incumbents on this task force have found time for campaign events, campaign parties, and developer-sponsored initiatives such as the AHO and the Sullivan Courthouse redevelopment. But displaced tenants continue to be a low priority. In the words of one politically connected insider, "Blue Ribbon panels are a joke. They are usually a way for the mayor to direct resources towards personal issues, or to reward other councilors for their allegiance."

I also note that of the task force members, approximately half routinely give money either to the Mayor, the ABC PAC, and/or to ABC-backed candidates. A number of members of this task force are for-profit developers who routinely have business pending before the city and spread money around the City Council.

Looking to Woo

The Harvard Crimson has written a piece about the efforts of some candidates to engage Harvard undergraduates:

Register to Vote

The deadline to register to vote is October 16. You can check your registration and register if needed here:

CCC Endorsement

I am happy to report that I have been endorsed by the Cambridge Citizen's Coalition. The CCC candidate forum was last night. The CCC Board did a great job organizing this event with a very thoughtful format. This was one of the most enjoyable forums so far. I will send the video when it has posted. I am happy to be on a slate with these candidates, this was one of the few endorsements that I was seeking. I hope that in the years to come, CCC continues to encourage civic engagement and be a positive force in Cambridge politics.

Have a good week everyone. Let me know if you want a yard/window sign, we just placed the order for more.



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