Campaign Digital Newsletter: Week 4

Hello Everyone,

This week's campaign update is coming to you a day late. We relocated campaign headquarters to Maine for the weekend in order to have a last respite before what promises to be a busy campaign season. In this email: A brief update on the AHO, a curious policy order on tomorrow's agenda, and a logistical update about our campaign.

Affordable Housing Overlay Update:

Many of you have probably received countless emails from various neighborhood groups and/or city councilors about what appears to be a rushed frenzy of possible amendments to the AHO before it comes to a final vote in early September. If the City and the Council had desired to produce a well thought-out and properly vetted zoning policy with some level of consensus in the community, this proposal would have been kept in the housing committee so that its language could be reviewed and revised in an orderly and professional manner. Rather, it is being rushed through in order to have a final vote a few months before the municipal election. The reasons for this appear to me to be solely and blatantly political. In the most recent manifestation of this hasty mess, the 1,700 page council agenda was posted with less than 48 hours notice to the public. In order to avoid violating the Open Meeting Law, this necessitated the Monday council meeting to be canceled and moved to tomorrow (Tuesday) night. More on that here:

Multiple councilors have proposed many different amendments, some of them unclear and confusing. Some of the amendments would actually be changes for the worse and make the city even less livable than the current proposal. Rather than trying to re-cap what many others have already written, I refer you to Councilor Devereux's most recent blog post, which does a good job of capturing the current state of affairs:

There are two important meetings this week. I encourage all of you to submit your comments to the city council, or, better yet, come in person and provide public comment. The AHO will be discussed at tomorrow's council meeting (7/30) and also at the Ordinance committee meeting on Thursday 8/1. Both meetings start at 5:30pm in the Sullivan chamber.

Policy Order O-25:

I have pasted the text of policy order O-25 from tomorrow evening's agenda at the end of this email. I also refer you to the following news articles. I will reserve comment, as I think the bizarre and unacceptable nature of this whole situation speaks for itself.

Campaign Logistics Update:

Last week we turned in 83 signatures at the election office and 79 of them achieved provisional certification. 4 people either wrote illegibly or didn't write their correct address. The requirement is more than 50 signatures, but less than 100. My understanding is that the 100 signature upper limit is to prevent political machines from going around and gathering all the signatures in the city in order to prevent challengers (such as myself) from getting on the ballot. At the moment, 32 potential candidates have "pulled their papers," but only 18 have turned in any signatures, with the deadline on Wednesday 7/31. After Wednesday, we will know who is going to be on the ballot.

We are also getting close to launching our website, which looks awesome so far. Stay tuned.