Campaign Digital Newsletter: Week 7

Hello Everyone,

I would like to thank those of you who made a donation after our campaign website went live last week. Your contributions will give me more runway to expand our campaign infrastructure. Duane and the graphic design team have designed the logo that is at the top of the website. Some of this iconography is inspired by NASA imagery and we hope that it will convey the modern, progressive, forward looking ideas of this campaign. We also have a green version on the Environment page that conveys my emphasis on improving the quality of the city's environment and public health. If anyone would like a yard sign, window sign, or campaign buttons, let me know and I'll bring them by.

Money in Politics

The Cambridge Civic Journal has compiled data on which candidates are receiving the most money from Unions and Real Estate Developers:

You will note that the top 5 candidates on the chart receiving the most RE+union money are the same 5 councilors who have been strongly and recklessly pushing the Affordable Housing Overlay Up-zoning proposal since the early spring. It is a perfect 1:1 correlation. Similar data is shown in this table, combined with political action committee money:

Note that the PAC with the most money, ABC, is essentially a single-issue organization at the moment that is pushing the AHO Overlay proposal. ABC receives a lot of money from for-profit corporate developers, some of whom are located outside of Cambridge. We expect that as we get closer to the election, much more money will be flowing to these candidates and this PAC.

AHO Overlay Update

The Ordinance Committee met two more times this week to continue working through proposed amendments to the proposal. You can find a document with the proposed amendments in the "Relevant Links" section of my Overlay page:

You can also find an update on the current state of the proposal in this blog post from Councilor Devereux:

That's about it for this week folks. I have added more completed pledges and questionnaires to the news section for those of you who are interested:

Have a good Sunday everyone!


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