Campaign Digital Newsletter: Week 9

Hi Folks,

Just a very brief update this week, hope you're all enjoying the Labor Day weekend. A number of you have asked me which other candidates I am supporting. I will send an email closer to the election with the names of candidates who I believe deserve a place on your ballot. One of them will be John Pitkin, who just launched his website this week:
John has been active in Cambridge civics for decades and has been a strong advocate on environmental issues, trying to preserve parks, trees, and green space. John and I had coffee this week to discuss campaign finance reform, city planning, and to practice our politician handshakes.

Brief AHO Overlay Update:

There are two important meetings on the AHO, both of them tomorrow (9/3). The Ordinance Committee of the Council will meet tomorrow from 12:00-5:00. Then the planning board will meet at 6:30. You can email your comments to the Council at and CC the clerk at You can email the planning board at Councilor Devereux has a blog post about the upcoming meetings and the revised petition:

If you are interested in how these amendments might affect your neighborhood, the city zoning map is at the below link. I live in a Res B zone, so my neighborhood would see significantly larger developments with relaxed floor-area-ration requirements and reduced green space in a neighborhood that is already dense. My neighborhood has also lost quite a few trees in the last several years and I am uncertain how the AHO would accelerate that loss.

Yard Signs! (or window signs)

We have some draft yard sign designs (attached) and will be placing the order in the next few days. If any of you would like to host a yard/window sign, please let me know. This is a good way to increase name recognition and would be a big help.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday everyone!


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