Here are few suggestions for how you can help, or feel free to suggest your own.


Distribute flyers / Canvas door-to-door

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In a municipal election only requiring approximately 1000 #1 votes to win, door-to-door canvassing and grass-roots activity can make a huge difference. Help me by canvassing in your neighborhoods. We are happy to provide flyers and other campaign literature.

Host a small event

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Host a small event in your home or a local venue. We are happy to come by and chat about the issues you care about.

Put up a yard sign or window sign

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Show your support for the values we stand for with a yard sign or window sign.

Call friends and neighbors

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Volunteer to talk to your friends and neighbors about what matters to you and why you support our campaign. Many of the issues in this election are hugely important for all of us, but not everyone knows about or understands them. Help us spread the message about our vision for the city.